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Greg is our friends son- and he graduated. (More on Greg in a minute, that's not Greg --->)

Here in the US, we hold the senior year as a huge thing- and it kind of is. It's the transition from being a teen- to becoming an adult. It's a year of lasts. Kind of like when we celebrate all the firsts in our kids lives- first steps, first words, first taste of lemons- you know, a milestone. And graduation is the culmination of around 12 years of hard work! It's kind of big deal. And beyond that- you have to step up and be a responsible adult, which can be a little unnerving. So we commemorate with a Senior Session- catered to the specific person- their likes, their sports, their achievements. It's a memorable time! 

Portrait of Alberta Virginia Scott, ca. 1898. via wikipedia

Portrait of Alberta Virginia Scott, ca. 1898. via wikipedia

If you're like me, I often wonder "when did this senior picture tradition start?" (and a million other questions!). Prior to photography being a THING- portraits used to be painted! Can you imagine the cost of that and the months put behind painting a portrait! I feel like I go cross-eyed editing the photos on a computer, I can't imagine painting one! Some of my research told me that senior pictures go as far back as 1880! Either way, I think it's a super valid reason to have a specialized photography session, and I hope it continues to be a tradition for a while to come. Back to Greg- we had a relatively quick session with him in the Portage and Kalamazoo areas. (Can we just agree to call it Portamazoo? I mean, the cities are so enmeshed, there's really no difference!) We were super honored to be a part of this milestone in our friends lives. So here are some images of Greg!

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