Alisha + Mike: Engaged! | Ann Arbor Engagement Photographers, DaveTree Photography

Selecting images from Alisha and Mike's Ann Arbor engagement session for this blog post was SO hard to do! We just love Alisha and Mike! They are such huge goofballs (in the best way!) and so adventurous- we could hang out with them every day and not be bored. I think they're fun personalities came out in these images- and at the same time, their tenderness with each other shines through as well. We just can't wait to see these two again! Our adventurous Ann Arbor engagement session started out in the graffiti alley.


And then we headed to a cozy little Ann Arbor bookstore across the street-


The University of Michigan Law Quad was a requirement for our shoot in downtown Ann Arbor- it holds sentimental value to Alisha, even thought it seems to be a popular spot for random people- it has a special place in her heart.


We ventured off to Nichols Arboretum to gather some much needed tree sitting.

annarborengagementphotographer4AM1_3483AM1_3498maAM1_3527wDAR_3919maAM1_3530bwAM1_3535maDAR_3926DAR_3947maAM1_3588maDAR_3955bwAM1_3617maAM1_3618AM1_3635bwDAR_3971maannarborengagementphotographer3AM1_3698bwAM1_3717mamikealishaThen we hit up one more Ann Arbor park, for good measure.


A quick swing break...

DAR_4113bwAM1_3929AM1_3934maAM1_3941DAR_4143maDAR_4154bwAM1_3988maAM1_4010bwand finished it off with a little sunset on the top of the parking garage and some nighttime lights in downtown Ann Arbor.AM1_4016wAM1_4071maAM1_4087maDAR_4173maAM1_4200ma

Almost done, but David and Mike had to drum a little- sounded really cool in the parking garage.


That's a wrap. :)


So glad you joined us for some highlight of our Ann Arbor engagement session with Alisha and Mike- stay tuned for their Ann Arbor wedding photography blog coming soon!