An UN-believable deal! | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographers

We were doing so good about getting the blog up to date, I mean, I was doing so good. And then we got SUPER busy. I apologize blog readers! As a bit of my apology we are extending TWO amazing deals! But first, I have to share a photo! This is Amber + Ryan- they literally were hitched two days ago, and I just absolutely LOVE this photo! (I'm serious, I already have a canvas on order for the studio!)

So the first amazing thing we are offering is a FREE FauxtoBooth to the next wedding booked with DaveTree! It doesn't even have to be a 2012 wedding! All you have to do, is book us! That entails signing an agreement and a $500 retainer which is applied to the balance of your wedding!

Our other offer extends through the month of August. We just found the most amazing canvas vendor- seriously AMAZING! Top quality canvases! And we are offering a special deal on canvas orders for the month of August! I'm talking Walmart priced canvases, but amazing New York Gallery quality! Prices are as follows, Please add $10 shipping PER canvas!:

I challenge you to look around and find better pricing or quality! If you're interested in a canvas, please email with size and file name to: or

And stay tuned for more fun filled (and catch up) posts!