Ash + Thom | Kalamazoo Engagement Photography

We love doing engagement shoots! It's just a laid back time where you get to hang out with a cool couple and have fun! Don't get me wrong- we love weddings too, but wedding day is crazy! Engagement shoot day is just fun. This is Ash and Thom. One of our super awesome couples from last year. Ash and Thom are perfect for each other, and so funny. We are glad we had the opportunity to share in their day and tell their story- the wedding post will be coming soon, but for now, enjoy some of our favorite shots from one of our favorite engagement shoots last year!

There is nothing in the world like magic hour! My shot below:

And this is David's shot:

**DaveTree loves that you love your photos- and want to use them all over the interwebs. That’s cool. Just don’t crop or re-edit them in any way. Thems our intellectual properties, yo!**