Ben + Sirena: Married! | Powder Springs Georgia Wedding Photographer | Destination Wedding Photographers

I've had a hard time starting this blog for a while now. There is so much I want to say and I just don't know how to say it. I'll start with the venue. The Muscadine Vine in Powder Springs, Georgia would be my "heaven on Earth" spot. From the calm pond to the Wedding Tree, the gardens, the awesome renovated turkey barns, the bamboo forest- it is just absolutely beautiful. One of the most breathtaking venues we've ever been. I want to go live there. And to top it off- Joel and Bonnie are the most amazing and giving and serving people we've ever come across. Their venue tops the list of venues I've ever been to or shot at, if I were having a wedding- I would want it at the Muscadine Vine. And then there's Ben and Sirena. When Ben and Sirena asked us to be their Georgia wedding photographers, I was filled with excitement- and it wasn't just having the opportunity to put this beautiful couple in our portfolio, but that I wanted to ATTEND their wedding so badly, somehow- even if we weren't their photographers! We love these two SO much, and we are so ecstatic for them! These two just have the most honest and caring hearts... and are so grace-giving that I kinda just want to live in their bubble for the rest of my life. (I know I can't get in your bubble, guys... that would be weird...) You know that saying that goes something like "so-and-so would give you the shirt off their back"? These two are those kinds of people. I know they are going to do incredible things with their lives and in their marriages- and most likely in the lives of others. And how wonderful that they get to do the rest of their lives side by side- choosing love. We are so happy for you guys! Enough of my blathering- on to the images!




Ready for the Reveal.















SL1_6693SL1_6699SL1_6704SL1_6710AC1_5912SL1_6514AC1_5925SL1_6521SL1_6527AC1_5959AC1_5963SL1_6538bwSL1_6596AC1_6005AC1_6019SL1_6653SL1_6665Thank you so much for letting us be there for the beginning of your incredible journey- congratulations you two :)


Venue: The Muscadine Vine, Powder Springs, GA
Cake: Confection Perfection (Jennifer Punch)
Menswear: J. Crew
Bridesmaids: J. Crew
Officiant: Pastor Ron Wallace
Florist: Carither's