Bowers Maternity Shoot! | Kalamazoo Maternity Photographers DaveTree Photography

We have just been present for many of this little family's milestones over the last two years! If you follow regularly (or if you don't follow- check out these other blogs) you'll remember that we were privileged to shoot these two during their engagement and their wedding, and now this maternity shoot with their very first child! We love Katie and Nathan- and their beautiful baby boy! We returned to the scene of their wedding day, Chapel in the Woods, to do these beautiful sunny images of their bundle of joy to come! kalamazoomaternityphotographer2BMV_4422bwBBY_1649BBY_1616kalamazoomaternityphotographer8BBY_1668sfBBY_1674BBY_1695sfkalamazoomaternityphotographer6BMV_4725sBBY_1803sfBMV_4744sfkalamazoomaternityphotographer1kalamazoomaternityphotographer4BBY_1856kalamazoomaternityphotographer7BBY_1913bwkalamazoomaternityphotographer3BMV_4556BMV_4562BMV_4670BMV_4682sfBMV_4820BMV_4831BMV_4833sfBMV_4846sfBMV_4848BMV_4873BMV_4540kalamazoomaternityphotographer5BMV_4966bwBMV_4994bw