Can you guess where we were? | It's personal.

Isn't that beautiful? I just love bokeh.

But can you guess where we were? Or  what those glowing dots are?

Don't fret. I'll tell you.

There were 32 of us there. It was a special celebration. We gathered to celebrate Grandpa and Grandma Van's 55th wedding anniversary. They have passed on an incredible testimony of faith, love, hard work, the best sweet corn ever, and when to throw the towel in and pay for someone else to cook Christmas lunch for all of us- and we are so thankful for you two. Happy Anniversary!

And if you haven't been able to figure out where we were yet- here's another shot: And one more, the clouds were awesome, I just can't help it: (Mackinaw Bridge, Mackinaw City, MI, Huron side.)