Chris + Brooke: Married! | Battle Creek Wedding Photography

Okay- I decided to be brave and do the entire post in one, so just keep scrolling for all the lovely photos :) I have to say- I was AMAZED at Brooke's composure on her wedding day! I don't know if it was because she had her "eye on the prize" so to speak, but I personally would have been a little on the anxious side. It had rained- sprinkled- spritzed, whatever you want to call it, all morning. Not ideal for an OUTDOOR WEDDING. I may have been hiding in a closet biting my nails from time to time. Luckily- we had a break in the clouds before the ceremony and we managed to get most the photos done - we even went to the super amazing Southern Exposure just up the road (lovely facility, even lovelier people!) to do the majority of them. And then we are waiting for the ceremony and it started POURING. I kept looking at Brooke to see if she needed calmed- it must have been because I was secretly freaking out(!), because Brooke was great! She didn't care. She was getting married and there was no storm that was going to bother her. So we checked the radar and we kept looking to the skies, and sure enough- a hole was coming. Just in time. Brooke said- let's do it, we talked to the Pastor, he just smiled at us, and ripped a few pages out of the front of his book to guide him through the ceremony- a bunch of us grabbed towels tipped the pooled water out of the chairs, dried them off- and we were on. Guests ran out and took their seats, and Brooke walked the aisle. It was so beautiful. And the rain stayed off just long enough to have her outdoor ceremony.

I'm terrible at writing, so I'll let the photos speak for themselves.

GORGEOUS bouquets by Tracy Park of Park Place Design

Here's Brooke being calm:

And even being goofy for me:

And they lived happily ever after.