Clarice + Aaron: Engaged! | Kalamazoo Engagement Photography | DaveTree Photography

We had the opportunity to hang out with Aaron and Clarice for an awesome summer engagement session and we trekked all over Kalamazoo, Michigan. We hit up the beautiful Al Sabo Nature Preserve, and then headed to WMU campus, and even Bell's Brewery for a few minutes in downtown Kalamazoo, and then finished up with dinner and a microbrewery backdrop at Latitude 42 in Portage, Michigan. We had a great time with this awesome couple and even more fun with them and their bridal party at their wedding (blog coming soon). We also got some great images, some of my favorites of all time! Check out their images for some summer engagement inspiration: SL1_3933bwAC1_2620maSL1_3940AC1_2650SL1_3958SL1_3960maAC1_2663AC1_2668AC1_2669wAC1_2678maSL1_4007maAC1_2702maAC1_2727maAC1_2783wSL1_4044bwAC1_2790SL1_4055ma