DaveTree Photography: A self-portrait | Kalamazoo Wedding Photographers

So- at the beginning of April- after dropping the kids with Namma and Papa- we were driving back home and found this abandoned house. Or we thought it was abandoned... no, I'm kidding. It really was. However- if you know us- you know that we absolutely LOVE abandoned places. So, of course, we had our gear with us (BIG TIP for the photogs out there- ALWAYS keep a camera with you!!!!) and we had to stop and shoot! (Also- one of the reasons that we had our gear with us, was to try and capture some BALD EAGLES!!!!(no kidding!!!) in the wild that we found (don't take that too literally- it's not like we discovered them, we just happened upon them on our way somewhere). However- the only time they've ever been out of their nest (because there are EGGS in it!!!!!!) was the one time we didn't have our camera! And wouldn't you know that every time we go by now, with cameras in hand, they are always sitting in the nest! Long story. Sorry. Rest assured, once we get them doing cool stuff like picking mice out of the field to feed to their eaglets, they will make their appearance on the blog. How cool is it that there are bald eagles living in the WILD in Michigan now!? (At least southern Michigan...) Only time I had ever seen them before was in a zoo. Anyway- the reason you're here is for a photo, right? Well then, back to the abandoned house- we took some photos, but since I'm working on some jobs right now, I only allow myself a sidetrack or two at the most, so here it is- the DaveTree self-portrait.


Let me know what you think.