Dean + Leslie: Married! | Gilmore Car Museum Wedding Photographers, DaveTree Photography

It was the most beautiful fall day for a wedding at the Gilmore Car Museum, located north of Kalamazoo- and Leslie made the most radiant bride! Many friends and family came to celebrate and help out, but one of my favorite things was the flower girls. They pulled double duty- not only were they the adorable flower girls- they also stood by their parents as their wedding party, too! It was really a beautiful thing- Dean and Leslie even made a special addition to their wedding ceremony to include a few special words to their daughters and a little gift. I seriously lost it witnessing this sweet family coming together. (I may have even teared up going through images for the blog... but don't tell anyone!) Their decor was super vibrant and fresh, their food was delicious, their Reveal was sweet and touching, their traditional Chinese tea ceremony was so cool, their family was hilarious, their party was rockin', and then there were LANTERNS. I love lanterns. And I can't forget the Gnome-mobile! It is finally time to share the Gnome-mobile. We swore we'd never speak of it... but it's time. Oh, it's time. LDD_5988LDD_5993LDD_5990DLD_6812gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography5DLD_6818gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography6DLD_6823gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography4gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography3LDD_6035LDD_6040LDD_6048gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography7LDD_6064gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography2LDD_6066LDD_6072LDD_6079LDD_6080DLD_6842bwDLD_6852DLD_6854LDD_6089DLD_6858DLD_6862LDD_6099LDD_6095gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography12DLD_6868gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography11DLD_6892DLD_6900LDD_6122LDD_6117LDD_6140DLD_7633 2LDD_6981DLD_7648 2LDD_7003gilmorecarmuseumwedding8DLD_7661 2gilmorecarmuseumwedding7LDD_7024LDD_7044DLD_7694 2DLD_7695 wedding photographyLDD_7067My goodness- look at her face. This is where the tears really started rolling! Such a sweet gesture- and she totally understood.

DLD_7699 2LDD_7070LDD_7073LDD_7076gilmorecarmuseumwedding6LDD_7103DLD_7721 2LDD_7114LDD_7115

The "proud to be sisters" look :)

LDD_7120DLD_7734 2LDD_6203DLD_6918LDD_6206DLD_6926bwLDD_6186LDD_6196DLD_6947DLD_6965DLD_6974LDD_6243DLD_6989DLD_7015gilmorecarmuseumwedding4DLD_7019LDD_6299DLD_7031DLD_7037DLD_7047gilmorecarmuseumwedding3DLD_7057LDD_6326LDD_6318DLD_7089 2DLD_7108 2

DLD_7456 2mgirlsLDD_6701LDD_6623DLD_7347 2DLD_7363 2DLD_7379 2LDD_6663

Ah, the Gnome-mobile. Only at the Gilmore Car Museum can you see the only movie set to ever leave Walt Disney Studios – the one-of-a-kind studio set and car from the 1967 Walt Disney film, THE GNOME-MOBILE.

The 1930 Rolls-Royce Sedanca Deville used in the film, starring Walter Brennan and Ed Wynn, is here on display next to the authentic movie set of the car’s back seat, which was given to Museum Founder, Donald Gilmore, by Walt Disney himself, as a token of their close friendship. The oversized movie set is an exact re-creation of the rear seat of the 1930 Rolls Royce, which is actually almost four times larger than life.

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Ahhhh! I just love cultural traditions on the wedding day! They had a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and I about died, it was so simple but so neat! :)

DLD_7745 2LDD_7145LDD_7150LDD_7152LDD_7155LDD_7170LDD_7184LDD_7188LDD_7189LDD_7194LDD_7200LDD_7286LDD_7289LDD_7294LDD_7305LDD_7312LDD_7334LDD_7357LDD_7375LDD_7390DLD_7764 2DLD_7765 2gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography14LDD_7259LDD_7272LDD_7416LDD_7418LDD_7420LDD_7424LDD_7431LDD_7438DLD_7884LDD_7564LDD_7584LDD_7619LDD_7639LDD_7656LDD_7704LDD_7722LDD_7977DLD_7962gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography9DLD_7930DLD_7907LDD_7771DLD_7916LDD_7781LDD_7797LDD_7800gilmorecarmuseumweddingphotography10And they lived happily ever after :)

Wedding dress: Maggie Sottero from The Bridal House of Charleston
Groom's suit: Jos A Bank
Catering: Millennium Catering
Hair by Emily Fulton from Dolce salon Make up by TaBetha Morrison Identities Salon DJ: Black Diamond Productions Officiant: Chad Scarlett Cake: Melanie's Cake Shoppe Flower girl dresses: WaterBabyBoutique on Etsy Photography by DaveTree Photography