Greg + Caitlin: Married! | Kalamazoo Wedding Photographers, DaveTree Photography

I don't even know where to start with Greg + Caitlin's wedding day. Let me start with the obvious- and hopefully this doesn't embarrass them- but they are super tall. I'm an average height for a woman (thought I would love to be as tall and gorgeous as Caitlin!)- around the 5'7" mark... but I seriously felt like a hobbit next to them! Greg is smart- and obviously adores Caitlin- and Caitlin is willowy and BEAUTIFUL. Seriously. Not only on the outside- but she is such a sweet person! As I was sorting through their images trying to figure out what to blog- I kept catching myself tearing up! More than once... seriously- try not to cry when you see the shot of Greg trying to stop up tears in the middle of the ceremony. Try not to cry when you see Caitlin walking down the aisle, her dad beside her, with tears in her eyes. Try not to cry when you see the images of Caitlin's sister giving her speech and how she can't get through it without crying herself. Try not to cry at the image of the groomsman with two bouquets... okay, that one won't make you cry. Maybe. But you can see how much they love each other in the way they look at each other and the way they look OUT for each other. CGM_0125CGM_0143CGM_0164CGM_0167

I have to say- I just love the getting ready parts. So many people coming together to ready a bride for her groom! The symbolism is so sweet and sacrificial and just plain awesome. The transformation is always cool- but the attitude transformation is the thing that I always notice most. All the nerves and all of society's influence on "beauty" is out the window- and once the bride is all done up in the dress SHE picked, and the hairstyle SHE wants, and the make-up SHE instructed, and even the jewelry and the shoes and the list can go on- but this is the image she's dreamed up since at least the beginning of planning her wedding, and sometimes back to when she's a little girl... but when she looks in the mirror and sees it all together- you can't help but get a bit teary.


The shot below this was right after she looked at herself in the mirror- Caitlin couldn't hold in the tears but feared she'd ruin her makeup so she was trying hard- but it was pretty funny.


She snuck another peek without everyone else looking- and managed to keep it together. (below)






Okay. I don't normally share many garter or bouquet tosses. But this one was pretty great. One of the bridesmaids, the grooms sister, REALLY wanted that bouquet. And you can tell. Just look on :)

CGM_1892CGM_1895GCM_4839CGM_1896CGM_1899CGM_1901CGM_1910GCM_4826CGM_1931CGM_1999CGM_2193CGM_2285GCM_4929CGM_2290CGM_2301CGM_2358CGM_2362CGM_1764CGM_1768CGM_1944CGM_1975CGM_2052CGM_2095CGM_2127CGM_2138CGM_2228CGM_2268CGM_2274kalamazooweddingphotographers35kalamazooweddingphotographers36Congratulations you guys. Here's to many years of happiness!

Wedding took place in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Flowers by Dorothy's Floral Studio, reception at the Gull Lake Country Club, a huge thank you to Twila of Shiloh Farm who allowed us to do some of our creative images in her home and on her land, and also to Gull Meadow Farms- who allowed us to utilize a few rows of apple trees. We might be missing some one.... I'm sure there might be a few edits and links to add here in the future!