It's been a busy week, but here's a quick shot from Ryan+Rayna: Married. | South Haven Wedding Photography

I guess the title sums it up... we've been busy. We have a slew of work in progress, and a slew of blogs coming at your eyeballs. The word slew is funny. Say it again. Slew. Out loud. Slew. Now it just doesn't make sense does it? Anyway! One of my favorite parts of a wedding, besides cute old couples, is the celebration time, or in wedding terms- dancing. I for one cannot dance. So I give props to those who don't care and do it anyway- in celebration. But some people can- and some people are just plain fun to watch do so. Here's a quick shot from Ryan and Rayna's wedding:

I, for one, think this shot speaks volumes of the celebratory dancing happening at this awesome wedding. :) Rest assured there are more to come- these people liked to dance.