Jaime + Dan: Engaged! | Kalamazoo Engagement Photographers, DaveTree Photography

This is our 200th blog post! I can't believe it! Especially with how behind on blogging I have been, it's hard to believe that we've made it to #200 in just a few short years! A milestone is an appropriate way to blog Jaime and Dan's engagement session, because we experienced a lot of firsts with them ;) This Kalamazoo engagement shoot was just a constant stream of laughs and goofiness, with a moment of peril mixed in. Jaime and Dan are a good time to put it simply. They are sweet and caring, and funny, and not afraid to be goofy- we just love them. This engagement session is definitely one we will always remember- and Jaime and Dan know why. :D I wanted to share just a couple of our favorite shots from their session.


While we were hiking, we found a lost dog- which was really fitting being with a veterinarian and vet nurse!