Joe + Jacqui: Married! | St. Lucia Wedding Photographers, DaveTree Photography | Part 1

I've been wanting to blog this wedding for a while now! I'm sure you can understand that as destination wedding photographers, we are always excited to go to new locations- it always provides easily accessed creativity on our part! Fresh territory just floods us with new ideas. And, uh, hello- St. Lucia is a tropical island in the Caribbean. Who wouldn't want to attend a wedding there? I only wish we had more time on the island, because we only got to experience a very small part of it, and the little fishing villages we drove through were AMAZING, and I wanted to spend weeks doing street photography there! Especially Dennery- I could spend some time there! But even more than the fresh territory, and the exciting new locations- we have a soft spot in our hearts for Jacqui and Joe! And that all started when they asked us to be their destination wedding photographers, because shortly afterward- we got to hang out and have fun and get to know them on their engagement shoot! (blogged here.) And Jacqui has quickly become one of my good friends. Not that I have a ton of time for friends! But she's one of them. :) These two are so funny together. Joe is such a sarcastic hilarious guy, and Jacqui holds her own in the comedy department all while being sweet and rough-edged at the same time. These two are easily two of my favorite people. And their St. Lucia wedding was amazing and so sentimental. The pure excitement (and a dash of anxiousness) on Jacqui's face was infectious- seriously. All day long. You couldn't look at Jacqui and not smile. Joe was secretly very excited behind his "meh" face- which you will catch in many of the images. He's an old man- the meh face is just kinda stuck that way. ;)

Our trip began in Chicago, with an almost missed flight change in Atlanta (airlines fault, not ours). You know that scene in Home Alone? Where the family is running for the plane? That was totally us. And Atlanta is a HUGE airport. We were the second to last people on the flight! But we made it. Four-ish hours later, we touched down in Vieux Fort, St. Lucia- and it was muggy. We hopped a cab ride all the way to St. James Club Morgan Bay in Choc Beach, just north of Castries on the northern side of the island, and got to see a lot of the coastal fishing towns on the way. (which were amazing! When we go back, we are going to make sure to spend extra time in the little fishing towns!) Jacqui was waiting for our arrival at St. James Club Morgan Bay- and her sheer excitement just radiated the whole time we were there, and it rubbed off on everyone. We got to hang with their family and friends, who are super lovely people, and we even met and friended an awesome couple from the UK, that we ran into for the next few days all over the resort.

And let me tell you- the fish there is GLORIOUS. Cooked any which way- it's super fresh- straight out of the Caribbean and brought up to dinner. One of my favorite parts by far. We also learned that St. Lucia has little sneaky fast moving crabs that blend almost completely into the sand! Imagine my surprise when I thought the sand was moving out of the corner of my eye a few times- and then finally catching a glimpse of those little guys! I'm sure you will enjoy the "scenery" images amongst the wedding images- we just couldn't help ourselves! Everything caught our eyes. Enough of the experiences- we will save that for a personal post later down the road- here is Jacqui and Joe's "Best Day Ever" :)


A storm rolled in quickly and rolled out just as fast.


The awesome thoughtful gift bags for their wedding guests! (it came in handy!)


(We preemptively put the sign on our door handle.)





This is a modified "meh" face. This is the "my picture is being taken meh" face.



These next few make me tear up every time. All the waiting and planning culminates to this moment- when you put on the dress and you are a bride!





Jacqui and Joe chose to have a little note switcheroo- all while not "seeing" each other. These are just as sweet moments as a Reveal, but a little harder to pull off.







This is Joe's Meh Face.




Since this post is super long- we are going to break it up into two! See the rest of the images here.

Venue: St. James Club Morgan Bay in St. Lucia Catering: St. James Club Morgan Bay Bride's Dress: Alfred Angelo Bride's Shoes: Nina Bridesmaids Dresses: Alfred Angelo Flower Girl Dress: Theresa Weller Men's suits: Men's Warehouse Gift Bags: The Tie That Binds on Etsy Girls Bags: Hello Violetta on Etsy Lavender: on Etsy Bridesmaids Necklaces: IrinSkye on Etsy Hair: George Trumpower Bride's lashes: Christina at Siren and Proper Cake: St. James Club Morgan Bay Flowers: St. James Club Morgan Bay Decor: St. James Club Morgan Bay