Joe + Jacqui: The Day After | St. Lucia Wedding Photographers, DaveTree Photography

You may recall Jacqui & Joe's beautiful St. Lucian Wedding day that we blogged about a week ago (in two parts! Here and here.)- and we even eluded to the fact that we did a Day After Session, but haven't shown that to you yet. Well, today's the day. The day following their wedding, we had already planned a trip down the coast of St. Lucia through the little coastal fishing towns (oh, someday our personal post on this trip will be awesome!) and decided that since Jacqui and Joe were going to be there- and the iconic Pitons were going to be there (all day, every day)- that we NEEDED to do a Day After Session with the mountains that St. Lucia is known for. I mean- we needed to. So, David and I rented a car! (There will be more on that adventure in our personal post someday...) And it was quite the experience driving in a car that was too small with not enough power to get up and down all the mountains easily, from the wrong side of the car, on the wrong side of the road. Hairpin turns, steep inclines... we should have hired a taxi like Jacqui and Joe! David loved it though.

When we left St. James Club Morgan Bay, we headed to Castries to pick up our car rental. Castries has crazy traffic and it's own Coca-cola bottling factory! (In St. Lucia- it is Coca-cola, NOT Coke, please take note! The islanders will pick on you if you call it Coke. Not that I would know by experience or anything.) Don't even get me started on how confusing it is to drive a turnabout the way they do- but to start out a car rental in Castries was very nerve-wracking. Then we made a slow trek down the western coast all the way to Soufriere, where we stayed at the cutest little place called the Hummingbird (I also need to mention that the Hummingbird had THE BEST FOOD on all of the island- at least what we experienced. It was literally the best of the best.). It was just to the north of the Pitons- and the view was spectacular! Jacqui and Joe were honeymooning at Ladera, which was a really cool place! There are a few images, but in case you miss it- their room is just open and the view is right between the Pitons and you can even see Sugar Beach down the mountainside! It's just breathtaking. Enough of all the words- I know you want to see some images!


This was the view from their room... seriously...


They had to pop some bubbly.


We left Ladera and headed down to the beach by the Hummingbird to get some beautiful Piton Wedding images.