Justine + Ron: Engaged! | Battle Creek Engagement Photographers, DaveTree Photography

We hit the road to neighboring Battle Creek, Michigan for Justine and Ron's Battle Creek engagement session. It gave Justine and Ron an excuse to make a little day trip- and we got to know them a little bit, all while capturing some fun engagement photos. These two were a riot, and despite Justine's "perpetually angry face" (hahahaha, right, Justine- just like mine! For those of you who don't know, there is a more mean term for this, but it's when your resting face looks like your ticked off.), she is a beautiful person inside and out. And with Ron being such an easygoing fun guy, these two just fit together perfectly, and we wanted to share a few of our favorites from their Battle Creek engagement session (and don't forget to stay tuned for their wedding post, coming soon!) We started the session off strong and gritty at a Battle Creek skate park, and then hit up some downtown architecture and nature near the river, and rounded it out with a game of bowling at Nottkes Bowl.JR2_6689JR1_6307bwJR2_6704JR1_6313JR2_6707wJR1_6326maJR2_6738JR1_6333wJR2_6778mabattlecreekengagementphotographer1JR2_6810JR2_6807maJR1_6407maJR1_6426JR1_6451JR2_6909maJR2_6921bwJR2_6831maJR2_6844JR2_6948wJR1_6492wbattlecreekengagementphotographerJR1_6519maJR1_6533bwJR1_6558maJR2_7021bwJR1_6547JR1_6579JR1_6604JR1_6596bwJR1_6611maJR1_6619JR1_6634bwJR2_7122wJR2_7139mabattlecreekengagementphotographer2JR1_6734maJR1_6753mabattlecreekengagementphotographer3battlecreekengagementphotographers6