Kevin + Maggie: 1 year later | Michigan Wedding Photographers, DaveTree Photography

If you frequent our blog over the last few years, you'll recognize these faces. The real Usher couple ;) If you want a refresher course, you can go back and look at their engagement images or their wedding images. We decided to do a 1 year anniversary shoot with Maggie and Kevin based solely on the fact that the Tibbit's was not renovated in time for their wedding. I'm totally joking! That's definitely not the only reason we did it- but it is one motivation for it. See, we thought during their engagement shoot that it would be REALLY cool to have engagement photos done in front of the Tibbit's as it was being renovated, because their wedding was taking place there and was supposed to be finished and the transformation would be glorious with them in their wedding get up in front of the renovated Tibbit's! It didn't really happen that way... and I don't know the story as to why it wasn't finished.... but instead of letting it hinder the wedding day- we decided we would return for the 1 year and have Maggie get back in her dress and bring it. This is Maggie and Kevin- 1 year later- in all their glory :) michiganweddingphotographer1JAM_5954JAM_5964bwmichiganweddingphotographer3

Then we changed wardrobe and went more casual for the remainder of their anniversary shoot. All images were shot in Coldwater, Michigan by wedding photographers DaveTree Photography.