Leslie + Dean: Engaged! | Kalamazoo Engagement Photography | Western Michigan University Photography

We are closing in on just a few weeks until these two tie the knot! And we are really looking forward to the Gilmore Car Museum wedding! We don't usually do much in the snow. This is because I (Lindsay) was born and raised in Florida, and I despise snow. I think it's beautiful to look at... from the window, inside a warm house... and it would be really awesome if it wasn't cold. But this past winter, in February, I looked at it slightly differently. I was willing to get cold and wet, because it was really beautiful scenery-wise. But I was having trouble talking any of our engaged couples into doing a snow shoot! Me! Talking people into going into the snow! HA! But Leslie wanted to brave it! And so we did. All the locations in the photos are in the Portage and Kalamazoo area- even some on Western Michigan University's campus- before they started working on East Campus- some of the locations aren't there anymore! Here are a few of our favorites:

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www.davetreephotography.com wedding photography















www.davetreephotography.com wedding photography





www.davetreephotography.com wedding photography