Mackinaw Scenery, and some news. | Michigan Photography

It's been a few days- it seems like I've started all my posts recently that way... I have so many jobs to blog still- but need to get some behind the scenes work done! I just wanted to let all the world to know that DaveTree Photography now accepts credit cards! Actually, we have been for a while, but no one seems to know- so I thought I'd make it public knowledge on the great wide interwebs for all to see. We do the square card reader. So, if you'd like to go that route, just let us know! I also wanted to share some scenery photography with you- this is basically how David and I started doing photography together- scenery. We really enjoyed just walking the woods together and photographing plants and bugs, and the like. These aren't plants and bugs- as you'll see- but it's still scenery, and it's combined with another thing we really enjoy- night photography.

Did I ever mention how hard night photography can be?

**DaveTree loves that you love your photos- and want to use them all over the interwebs. That’s cool. Just don’t crop or re-edit them in any way. Thems our intellectual properties, yo!**