Marc + Irene: Married! | Portage Wedding Photographers, DaveTree Photography

Weddings in Michigan in the fall can be terribly iffy- just the weather- the weddings are lovely. The day began rainy and cold and had us worried for a bit- but then the skies opened up and the sun came out long enough for us to complete all the portraiture for the day! Literally. As we were snapping the last family picture- it began raining, and we all hustled inside! It was pretty perfect. Marc and Irene opted to do a Reveal- which we love! Not only does it give our couples a chance to have a coherent conversation alone and get the jitters out, but we get to take care of all the portraits while they're fresh before the breeze of the day dishevels them! portageweddingphotographerMIG_8666MIG_8669MIG_8662portageweddingphotographer1MIG_8673LDD_9126LDD_9158LDD_9169LDD_9132LDD_9136portageweddingphotographer6portageweddingphotographer4LDD_9339MIG_8837MIG_8898LDD_9497MIG_8945LDD_9520LDD_9585LDD_9595LDD_9611LDD_9617portageweddingphotographer3