McKensey + Jack: Engaged! | Kalamazoo Engagement Photographers

McKensey and Jack are just ridiculously photogenic. You don't really need any more proof than this post- but their wedding post will be coming sometime in the next few months and you can verify it there if you don't believe me. We met up with Jack and McKensey at the Al Sabo Land Preserve to get a few of those rustic nature vibe engagement images that fit them so perfectly and then transitioned to their swanky downtown kalamazoo engagement images that fit them just as well. They're pretty much all over cool. We have come to be friends with these two and are so honored that they trusted us with their photography needs! Hey, guys, by the way- you've got some stuff to pick up at our home! ;) Here is all the beautiful rustic nature-vibe and swanky downtown engagement photographs for your viewing pleasure! wedding photographyLDD_8066LDD_8083JME_8055mLDD_8107LDD_8109JME_8114kalamazooengagementphotographers1LDD_8223mJME_8215bwLDD_8311LDD_8318JME_8280LDD_8427bwLDD_8433kalamazooengagementphotographers5LDD_8516kalamazooengagementphot wedding photographyLDD_8888bwLDD_8950LDD_8966LDD_8911mJME_8595LDD_8987bw