Molly + Zach: Engaged! | Detroit Engagement Photographers, DaveTree Photography

Molly and Zach are beyond cool. We could hang out with them all day, every day, and not get tired of them. We headed to Detroit, to hit up some downtown locations for their Detroit engagement shoot. We did more walking than we had anticipated- but we explored downtown Detroit for the first time and it wasn't scary, despite many people warning us of that. It was bustling and definitely a bit crowded in some places (and there was a bomb squad car parked nearby one of our locations- so I guess that was a bit worrying...)- but overall a cool place that I think is in the newborn stages of a comeback. We started off at the GM RenCen, which gave us great lines and architecture that we LOVE to shoot in, strolled downtown a ways to Compuware World Headquarters, and back through the park and then out to the old Michigan Central Station (that would be wicked cool if we were able to get in...). It was a day full of travel and heat- but it turned out awesome- here are a few of our favorite images from this Detroit engagement session for you to ogle.