Oh, blog. How you've been neglected! | Kalamazoo Family Photography

It's been a ghost town around here. It's all my fault... well, mostly it's this baby growing inside me! Yes, we are expecting! And I've been so ill... nothing like the first two! So I apologize immensely... but I have literally been laying on either a couch or in bed for the last three weeks... and every once in a while, I can sit upright for a little bit- but that time has been dedicated to trying to complete editing on all the shoots that are piled up in the queue! It's been crazy over here. I feel like this blog hasn't seen an image in a while- and neither have our readers/observers! So here is a shot from a fall family session (one of my favorites):

**DaveTree loves that you love your photos- and want to use them all over the interwebs. That’s cool. Just don’t crop or re-edit them in any way. Thems our intellectual properties, yo!**