Oh, dear blog. | Kalamazoo Wedding Photographer

Dear Blog, Oh, how you've been neglected. I'm so sorry. Please take me back? I swear there will be so much blogging of you in the months to come- right now Photoshop is hogging all my attention. She is a diva, and needy, and quite frankly selfish. Maybe you should go to court to battle over custody? Either way- I will see you soon, and all your lovely blog readers. Soon. For now, I have a few sneak peeks.


DaveTree Photography

(Above: Day After Session in October, Below: Family Session)

(And Below, a fun one from a recent three-in-one Senior Session, sometimes we like to make fake explosion photos.)

**DaveTree loves that you love your photos- and want to use them all over the interwebs. That’s cool. Just don’t crop or re-edit them in any way. Thems our intellectual properties, yo!**