Sirena + Ben: Engaged! | Atlanta Engagement Photographer | DaveTree Photography

Remember when we went to St. Lucia, to be Jacqui + Joe's St. Lucia Wedding Photographers? Well, on the way home, we had a layover in Atlanta, Georgia for about 11 hours, and we weren't going to waste that time sleeping were we? Psh. No way. We had the awesome opportunity to do a quick mini-engagement with Sirena and Ben! We also had the opportunity to push ourselves a little- their mini session was shot entirely at night with only the light we could find- no fill flash, no off camera flash, and just for good measure we decided to go non-vertical the whole time. And I love what came out of it! I think Sirena and Ben and their overall sweetness really aids the outcome- but I love the series of pictures, too! They're just natural and kind of gritty, looks like film- and hits me in the feels. Stay tuned for their Powder Springs wedding in a blog soon, but for now, the images! SL1_3374maSL1_3381maSL1_3403maSL2_2323maSL2_2312maSL1_3416maSL1_3425maSL2_2329bwSL1_3427maSL2_2353SL2_2351SL1_3445SL1_3454SL1_3465maSL2_2400maSL2_2415maSL1_3482SL1_3488SL2_2438maSL1_3504SL1_3509maSL1_3511bwSL1_3524SL1_3533SL2_2470maSL2_2516maSL1_3589maSL2_2564maSL2_2584maSL2_2586bw