Stephen+Hope: The Full Blog | Channahon, IL Wedding Photography

It's been a while. About 2.5 months to be more precise. We have been SO busy. So I'm sorry dear blog readers that I've made you wait this long to see the rest of Stephen and Hope's wedding! Their Love Day- as they called it- was just that. Full of love. Most everything was lovingly handmade. Lots of loved ones. Lovely-ness all around. And it's so blatant from the photos just how much Stephen and Hope love each other. No more babble from me. Here are our favorites!

The ladies had their hair and make-up done at a really cool place called Rockzorz. Find them HERE.

My most favorite cake toppers to date!! Seriously- so cute. The facility. Their wedding and reception were both in this room. This is the Four Rivers Environmental Education Center, and for more info you can click HERE.

We know you'll have many happy LOVE-filled years. Congratulations again!!!!! :)