Kalamazoo Michigan Engagement photography

Irene + Marc: Engaged! | Downtown Kalamazoo Engagement Photography

We had an awesome downtown Kalamazoo Engagement session with Irene and Marc on a warm summer evening- so much awesome was happening that we went a little into the evening! Just a few shorts months later, we also had the privilege of shooting and helping Irene and Marc through their beautiful wedding day- that post will come later. But for now, we wanted to leave you with a few of our favorite images from their downtown kalamazoo engagement shoot. www.davetreephotography.com wedding photographyDKJ_0251www.davetreephotography.com wedding photographyDKJ_0227DKJ_0343sDKJ_0353bwwww.davetreephotography.com wedding photographyDKJ_0394bwDKJ_0299sfDKJ_0319mDKJ_0321bwDKJ_0332sfwww.davetreephotography.com wedding photographywww.davetreephotography.com wedding photographyDKJ_0540DKJ_0557DKJ_0571mDKJ_0585bwwww.davetreephotography.com wedding photographyDKJ_0625DKJ_0641mDKJ_0801mDKJ_0796kalamazooengagementphotography2014_1

Stay tuned for more lovely pictures of lovely people in love! :) We are going to try to get the blog all caught up now that our whirlwind of a life has slowed a tiny bit!