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St. Lucia Destination Wedding | Stateside Reception | Joe + Jacqui

Remember the post about our St. Lucia wedding photography? Here, here, or here? It was an incredibly beautiful St. Lucia wedding, that we were very honored to be asked to photograph. Not only because it was a St. Lucia wedding, but because we dearly love Jacqui and Joe. After their beautiful St. Lucian wedding, they had a stateside reception here in Michigan; so that all their friends and family could show up and eat some great food and celebrate with them. It was an awesome home cooked reception housed at Nimby Pond in Baroda, Michigan, (where they frequently race snowmobiles over water in the middle of summer. Not kidding, look it up.) owned by Joe's Uncle. It was a relaxed and warm reception, and a lot of fun. Here are just a few of our favorite images:



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This girl found twigs covered in sprite to be an enjoyable snack. It was quite funny :D


Her nails! How perfect to have little lemons on them!



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Their first official dance as husband and wife, in front of all their friends and family.

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