michigan outdoor wedding

Bill + Tiffany: Married! | Centreville Wedding Photography, Michigan Wedding Photography, Riverside Receptions

I can't believe I almost lost this one! I thought I was all done blogging weddings from last year- but then I found Bill and Tiffany's wedding in the "to be Blogged" folder! And I can't believe it... this wedding was took place 10 days before I had my third son! It was the hottest summer ever, and we had the lovely Susan Koster from RKS Photo Designs there as our third, just in case my body decided to have a baby! She was so much help and SO appreciated! These are a few of our favorites shots from Bill and Tiffany's beautiful Michigan outdoor wedding at Riverside Receptions, in Centreville, Michigan. Bill and Tiffany go together like bacon and eggs. :)

I just love doing a Reveal! I know, I've said it before, and I will say it again! They are so sweet!