The Rumley's | Fall Family & Lifestyle Photographers, DaveTree Photography

Every fall we see a huge boost in our family session inquiries and we have come to love family sessions so much more over the last few years! But, for this family, we would shoot anything and love it, I'm certain. We love the Rumley's! The whole family. They are some of the kindest and most caring people we've ever known. No kidding. Lacey is someone that I really look up to- she is such a sweet, soft-spoken Super Mom... I want to be like Lacey. And Luke is probably one of the nicest and smartest guys I know! Just look at the way Luke and Lacey look at each other- that's something more than love there. That's determination and understanding, and commitment... and love, too, of course, but it's better than that. And their children are just too funny! I can see so much of the both of them in all their kids- it's amazing how genetics work! I think you'll be able to see their super fun personalities in some of the images. We like to approach family sessions slightly different than a "normal portrait shoot". We like to do something fun- like take a hike, like you'll see in these images, and let kids have fun and be themselves in between some casual groupings. But enough words! Time for some images of this beautiful family! wedding photographykalamazoophotographers3AJM_5273AJM_5288bwRUM_6554AJM_5336RUM_6574RUM_6576RUM_6583RUM_6619RUM_6616RUM_6613kalamazoophotographers6RUM_6633RUM_6682AJM_5515AJM_5539AJM_5541RUM_6727bAJM_5476skalamazoophotographers8kalamazoophotographers5AJM_5613RUM_6737AJM_5616kalamazoophotographers2kalamazoophotographers1AJM_5767kalamazoophotographers7RUM_6788kalamazoophotographers4kalamazoophotographers

Thanks for being awesome friends, you guys!