a winter wonderland engagement | Caroline + Rob | Kalamazoo Engagement Photographers

We LOVE Rob and Caroline. Just literally love them. They are some of the kindest and good-hearted people we've ever worked with. They are both so full of joy and it just radiates out of both of them. I can't recall exactly how they found us- I think it was instagram, but I can't be sure. All I know is that they were planning their Kalamazoo wedding from out of state, and found us- and we are so happy they did, because we loved working with them! Caroline's smile can literally light up a room and you can FEEL compassion in Rob's presence- they're great people. Perfectly matched.

Caroline and Rob's Kalamazoo engagement session started at a nature preserve, and it was COLD. We even had some magical little snowflakes- if you look close- for a few of the shots. And then moved to an indoor location and finally ended in a parking garage.

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